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Southfield Park Primary School : Epsom, Surrey

An entirely new primary school for Surrey County Council. The school has been much praised by the client, school staff, governors, parents and pupils.

The school was originally built in 2004 to cfp's designs and has been much praised by staff, governors, parents and pupils. The intention was always to extend the school, providing new classrooms and other facilities to turn it from a single form entry to a two form entry school. The extensions, recently completed, were anticipated in the original design and the current project finally realises in full the original design conception. cfp also acted as Cdm Coordinator.

Situated amongst mature trees on a green field site near Epsom, the building incorporates the latest thinking on planning and layout, building standards and information technology. At the heart of the school is an attractive top lit central area opening directly from the entrance and designed as a gathering and meeting place. The building is bright and colourful, and the design maximises natural light and ventilation.

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